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This rapidly growing site expands well beyond the "read any good books lately?" question. It's built upon a consuming passion for reading and writing, fortified with a healthy dose of opinions I enjoy expressing, and rounded out with a desire to interact with people who share either the passion or enjoyment in expressing opinion. Regardless of whatever bells, whistles, pomp, circumstance, and more that is/will be featured here, the core of this site is and will always be my reviews. It's what I do; what I love doing. As such, OGBDA offers...

  • A singular voice - mine (oh yeah, Hi, I'm Tracy! More about me here). I write every review, so you can trust in the consistency of my thoughts and opinions. If you find our tastes similar, you don't have to worry about keeping track of which reviews are mine amidst a large site of multiple and varied contributors.
  • A short synopsis of each title, written in my own words and based on what I read; not just a reprint or rehash of the back of a bookcover or inside a back jacket (Note: no spoilers will ever be included in the synopsis portion of my reviews).
  • A very detailed, honest, pulls-no-punches review that features both what I thought about the book, including objective commentary on writing mechanics and technique when applicable, and how I felt about it, which tends to be more subjective and includes personal reading preferences.
  • Reviews that are never influenced by the manner or method by which I received the title. I'm often contacted by authors and publishers asking me to review specific books, and I'm a member of both the Amazon Vine program and NetGalley. As a result I receive several of the books I read for free, in exchange for my honest review, be it positive or negative. If an author or publisher isn't comfortable agreeing to that condition up front, I decline the offer to read the book for free.
  • Safe reading in happily spoiler-free zones. I've got a pretty healthy hate-on for being spoiled, so I don't often include any spoilers in my reviews, but in the handful of cases in which I've felt the need to include them, they are hidden from those who wish to remain spoiler-free.
  • A heads-up when I come across free and/or ridiculously cheap books for the Kindle, Nook, or other eReader. When I find these precious little gems, I mark the review with a "Kindle Kandy" icon and post that book to the Kindle Kandy Shop.
  • An opportunity - and, in fact, my fervent desire - for you to interact with me, get to know me, let me know what I'm doing right or wrong, either on the site or in my reviews, comment on my reviews, and add your own take on books we've both read.

So that's the nutshell, the nuts and bolts, the guts and glory of OGBDA. I hope you like it. In fact, I hope you stick around, come back often, follow religiously, and speak up bunches.

Sit back and relax, grab your favorite beverage, and take a look around the site. Don't forget, I appreciate every comment and critique of the new site, from form to function, and if you don't see something you'd like to, don't hesitate to let me know.


Happy Reading! ~ Tracy

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What Some Other Readers Have Said...

  • "Thank you so much. I really appreciate the time you took to read my book and the truly thoughtful feedback. (And of course I'm glad you liked it!)"

    ~ H.B. Pattskyn (Author of Heart's Home)

  • "Just found your blog. Your reviews are very thorough. I can't get over how many books you read!! (I wish I could read that fast.)"

    ~ Wendy

  • "Thank you for the review. If it's anything at all, I think I become a better writer as the books go along."

    ~ Andrea Speed (Author of Infected: Prey)

  • "Thanks for giving SOD a try and writing a review. Hope you'll give the series another try with Shades of Temptation, Jase and Carrie's story."

    ~ Virna DePaul (Author of Shades of Desire)

  • "I'm glad you liked Ariel's Pet, Tracy. Ariel and Dane were fun to work with, and their relationship was quite the roller coaster ride."

    ~ Qwilla Rain (Author of Ariel's Pet)

  • "Thanks so much for the awesome review! I love it! So glad you enjoyed the book."

    ~ Tawna Fenske (Author of Believe It or Not)

  • "Wow! I am so glad you loved the book! Thank you so much for taking time to read and review it!"

    ~ Shawna Thomas (Author of Altered Destiny)

  • "Thank you so much for reviewing my book and detailing which bits you did and didn't like. It helps an author a lot to know such things and your expressed your views very clearly."

    ~ Wendy Soliman (Author of A Scandalous Proposition)

  • "Thank you. Your review took me completely by surprise! You always write the most interesting reviews. More thoughtful and honest than most. I never tire of reading them, good and bad, and honestly, I find you quite generous in the ratings dept.!"

    ~ Julia Rachel Barrett (Author of Pushing Her Boundaries)

  • "Hi, Tracy. I just wanted to stop by and say thank you so much for this review. I absolutely love it! :) It's not often I read a critical review as thorough as yours, and I just really appreciate the time you took to explain what story elements worked and didn't work for you. It's honest and well thought-out reviews like this that definitely help me grow as an author. So, again, thank you! :)"

    ~ Jen Turner (Author of Eternal Hearts)

  • "Wow!!!! I am speechless. Thank you. Just thank you. What an amazing and wonderful review. I am so very honored that you took the time to write such delicious and thought-provoking words about First Grave. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

    ~ Darynda Jones (Author of First Grave on the Right)

  • "Hi Tracy, I meant to stop by to comment sooner than this, but I just wanted to say thank you for such a thoughtful, in depth review. I'm very flattered at what you had to say about my writing style. I do hope you enjoy TAKEN BY THE OTHERS when you get to it!

    ~ Jess Haines (Author of Hunted By The Others)

  • "Hi, Tracy. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review my book. I really appreciate that you took the time to share both what worked for you, and what didn't. That kind of information can be invaluable to writers...Thank you again"

    ~ Sara Reinke (Author of Dark Thirst)

  • "Hi there! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D Thanks for doing a review...and I LOVE the tagline!"

    ~ Jenna Bayley-Burke (Author of Compromising Positions)

  • "I really wish everybody could write a negative review like you. (I don't normally respond to negative reviews, but you're the only person I've come across who can write one without bugging me in any way, LOL) There's no way to get upset or defensive about it. It's clear, honest, and fair. Thanks for reading and reviewing. I'm sorry you didn't like Charlee. I hope you like Jane better! And thanks for continuing in the series!"

    ~ Zoe Winters (Author of Kept)

  • "Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I'm so glad Ty & Zane connected with you."

    ~ Madeleine Urban (Co-author of Cut & Run)

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