Beast Behaving Badly

by Shelly Laurenston

5 Star Review

Funny, Fast Moving Romp

Beast Behaving Badly by Shelly Laurenston

An OGBDA Favorite Book

Reviewed:   February 12, 2011

Genre:   Paranormal Romance

Series:   Pride, Book 5

Rating:   5 Stars

Length:   320 Pages

Formats:   Print, eBook

What I Thought...

I've already admitted that I worship at the alter of Laurenston's wit, so it comes as no surprise that I loved Beast Behaving Badly. There just isn't another author out there (and believe me, I've looked, so if you know of any please tell me) who writes funny, sexy, and action-packed paranormal romances like she does. I don't know what it is about this shifter world Laurenston's created, but damn, it makes me laugh. Out loud. A lot. To the point that I get weird looks from strangers. The combination of personalities, shifter species, and strength just makes a delicious stew pot of humorous opportunities and Laurenston takes shameless advantage of each and every one. I love that about her books.

I love her characters, who are as fabulously culturally diverse as they are diverse of species. I think their mix of strength, arrogance, intelligence, confidence, insecurity, and everything else that each character displays in differing degrees is just as wonderfully diverse and makes each character seem special and wonderful to spend time with. I especially liked Blayne Thorpe, and honestly I didn't really think I was going to. I thought she was going to be a bit too much of a ditz for me to warm up to, but I just loved her layers and for as obviously scattered as she is, she's got a tremendous heart and she's by no means stupid. And I fell hard for the polar-lion hybrid. He's a mean bastard, but god, I love how he just stares at Blayne and I loved his OCD-ness and his schedules and his obsession with time. I thought they were the perfect compliment to each other.

Laurenston has come a long way with the plots in this series, the kidnapping of hybrids and the ever diligent Van Holtz pack and the Group touching a bit of each of these last few stories. Her world is widening, deepening, and becoming more and more populated - and so are her stories. I love that complexity and burgeoning depth of plot. I wish something a bit more comprehensive had gone on to show more of the story of the hybrid fights, but I wouldn't trade a minute of Blayne in Ursus County, either, so I guess I wouldn't have been totally content unless the book was a thousand pages.

Actually...that's not at all a bad idea... Hell, I wish none of these books ever ended! That would totally satisfy me!

I will say there seemed to be less of the bold, brazen sexuality in this book than existed in some of the others...but while I missed it, I also think it went hand in hand with the slightly less out there personality (sexuality-wise, anyway) of Blayne and Bo, who both seemed a bit more reserved (relative of the wolves) than other couples. Not a complaint. I thought the development of their personal relationship and sexual relationship fit perfectly with their characters and their personalities.

I've already reread all of this series just recently and can say with utter confidence that I'll have no trouble rereading this one, either. In fact, I can't wait to start all over from the beginning. No one makes me laugh like Laurenston does! I can't wait for whatever she's got coming next.

Happy Reading! ~ Tracy

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