Grey's Awakening

by Cameron Dane

5 Star Review

Grey and Sirus Make This Wonderful

Grey's Awakening by Cameron Dane

Reviewed:   May 10, 2010

Genre:   LGBT-M/M Contemporary Romance

Series:   N/A ~ (Non-Series / Stand-Alone)

Rating:   5  Stars

Length:   138 Pages

Formats:   eBook

What I Read...

Greyson Cole and Sirus Wilder - two complicated men with their share of flaws and peccadilloes, and deeply sensuous sides. They're perfect for each other, even though when they meet, they're both convinced of exactly the opposite. On a break from the press of romance and all the hearts and flowers that abound around Valentines Day, Grey flees his very successful business and takes the first vacation he's taken in...well...forever, heading up to the cabin he purchased in the mountains. A cabin he'd never actually been to before. Upon arrival, he's surprised by the dripping wet and nearly naked body of one Sirus Wilder, a large, gorgeous man who's friends with Grey's sister and is staying at the cabin until his own has its water restored.

Grey is a buttoned up, rigid man who keeps his feelings to himself...when he actually has them, and Sirus is on a break from romance after his last long term relationship ended very badly and painfully. One scorns all things love-flavored, the other tends to too quickly attach more emotion to a relationship than is warranted. Neither wants anything to do with the other. They rub each other the wrong way...right up until they start rubbing each other the right way. Desire rears its head, but the limits Grey puts on himself and on the parameters of the relationship are rigid. If he could just figure out why the longer he is with Sirus, the less those limits seem to keep his emotions restrained. And damned if Grey isn't getting more and more comfortable with the idea that a fling could be something far more terrifying and complicated.

What I Thought...

I absolutely loved these flawed, emotionally stunted characters. Greyson with his morning rituals and quirky rigidity and Sirus with his stunning art and free spirit but hampered by a stubborn likelihood to be an all or nothing sort and issues with his mother. I've read several of Cameron Dane's M/M romances and have to say, Grey's Awakening is my favorite so far. The characters are so likable, even when they're a bit crotchety and hard headed. And there's no doubt that when together, the very air smolders. The innate sexuality and carnal celebration that is Grey's and Sirus' physical relationship is smokin' hot and deliciously erotic.

I admit, there's a lot of sex in this book - more than I would normally credit a M/M contemporary romance, more like what I'd classify as erotica. That is in no way a complaint. I loved the journey of their love and the sexuality was definitely a part of Grey's necessary development. Yes, I would have loved seeing more of their journey. I would have enjoyed a wider role for Sirus' issues with his mother and his odd reaction to selling his art, with Grey's issues with relationships and his type A personality. All of that could have been given more page time. The plot thread with Noah could have been more fully fleshed out. The sex could have been spaced out a bit more through all of that and been more of an assist to the growing relationship than the core of it as it was depicted here...and yet, that's not how Dane wrote it. Reviewing what IS there I can tell you I loved it for what it is...and Grey's Awakening definitely had some of the most emotionally erotic sex scenes I've read in any romance book. Very powerful and very good. I loved it.

Happy Reading! ~ Tracy

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