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Here is a rundown of what the star ratings mean to me! It's not a perfect system, so you will see that I add a half-star whenever my impression of the book falls somewhere between two full-stars.

Click on any rating to link to all my reviews with that rating:

5.0 Stars - Loved It

4.5 Stars - Liked It A Lot

4.0 Stars - Liked It

3.5 Stars - It Was Okay

3.0 Stars - So-So

2.5 Stars - Not Too Bad

2.0 Stars - Did Not Like It

1.5 Stars - Really Disliked It

1.0 Stars - Hated It

This page provides access to every book I have reviewed, and rated either 1 star or 1.5 stars. Within each rating group, books are added in reverse chronological order, so most recently reviewed titles appear first.

Moving your cursor over any bookcover will enlarge it for easier viewing. Simply click on any enlarged bookcover to read my review of that book.


1.5 Star Reviews

Total 1.5 Star Reviews ~ 5

Latest 1.5 Star Review ~ August 17, 2013


1 Star Reviews

Total 1 Star Reviews ~ 16

Latest 1 Star Review ~ January 20, 2014


Happy Reading! ~ Tracy

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