Soul Bonds

by Lynn Lorenz

3 Star Review

Promising...But Not Without Flaws

Soul Bonds by Lynn Lorenz

Reviewed:   July 30, 2009

Genre:   LGBT-M/M Erotic Paranormal Romance

Series:   Common Powers, Book 1

Rating:   3  Stars

Length:   162 Pages

Formats:   Print

What I Thought...

Soul Bonds by Lynn Lorenz is the first in a promising series of M/M romance with a tinge of paranormal included. I'm a huge fan of paranormal romances, and I'm a growing fan of M/M romance, so putting these two things together just really works for me. Unfortunately, in Soul Bonds, the story surrounding the two protagonists, Mitchell and Sammi, and the development of their relationship was a bit too rushed, stereotypical, and too focused on sex to read as a balanced paranormal romance. It read more like a moderately well told M/M erotica romance.

That being said, all is not lost. There is potential here. Lorenz has a very nice ability to write characters you care about, and when they're not focused on the sexual aspects of the relationship, the surrounding story of a young kid who's really got the shaft in life (and not in the good way) and is in a dangerous and desperate situation isn't at all bad. It's maybe a little thinner in plot and depth than I would've liked but you do see a young man who struggles with self respect and an inner strength that starts to really flower after he finds his soul bonded love.

I liked Soul Bonds overall, and I really liked - and was most pleasantly surprised by - the very genuine relationship between Mitchell and his friend Brian. It's rare to find a M/M romance novel that introduces ancillary characters who seem genuinely a part of main characters lives and yet don't have sexual history together. I just think too many M/M romance or erotica novelists overlook the fact that gay men can have healthy non-sexual relationships with men. It's called friendship. M/F romance novelists understand that concept. I don't know why so many M/M romance novelists don't. It's wonderful for deepening and strengthening the story surrounding the protagonists.

Oops. Sorry. Stepping down off the soap box now, really.

Overall, a solid 3 Stars for Soul Bonds, and I'm looking forward to trying Lorenz's next in the series, Rush in the Dark.

Happy Reading! ~ Tracy

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