The Seeking Kiss

by Eden Bradley

3 Star Review

Sizzling Erotica

The Seeking Kiss by Eden Bradley

Reviewed:   August 14, 2010

Genre:   Erotic Paranormal Romance, Futuristic, Menage a trois

Series:   Midnight Playground, Book 1

Rating:   3 Stars

Length:   73 Pages

Formats:   eBook

What I Read...

It's the year 2069 and Nissa has spent her life surviving by whatever means necessary - and doing so mostly alone. Everyone she's ever loved is dead and all she wants is to get into the Midnight Playground, an exclusive vampire sex club. She wants to give herself to the seductive species, become one of them. She's prepared herself for the club, but no none could have prepared her for the erotic delights of Hex and Aleron. Both are vampires, Aleron having given Hex the Turning kiss ten years ago. They've been together in every way ever since. And they want Nissa to join them.

Together they take Nissa places she's never known, made her feel things she didn't even know existed. As their time together lengthens, however, she starts to realize that no matter how deeply she cares for Aleron, it's Hex who stirs her soul and completes her. But Hex belongs to Aleron - they've been partners and lovers for a decade. She couldn't even imagine Hex giving that up for her. Unless Hex feels the same for Nissa. But does he?

What I Thought...

Eden Bradley's erotica novella has a great plot concept and decent mythos, but the length of the novella - more on the shorter end - limited the character development and depth of the plot. It didn't limit the seductive, dark, erotic sex. Bradley made good use of her vampires in The Seeking Kiss, using their natures to add an edgy intensity to the sexual encounters that served the dark, futuristic world very well. The couplings range from M/F to M/F/M to M/M, as Hex and Aleron are long time lovers, so if you prefer your menage strictly M/F/M with no M/M or M/M/F then this dark erotica isn't for you, but Bradley writes deeply erotic sex scenes that tantalize and that is the primary strength of this novella.

There just wasn't enough attention given to character or plot development for me to consider the romance between Hex and Nissa completely successful, and some of the dialogue between them didn't really work for me because of it, so I wasn't totally enamored with the novella as a whole, but it definitely classifies as sizzling erotica.

Happy Reading! ~ Tracy

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